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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fishing stocked trout ponds

My kids were off school for a day, I had planned to take them for one last carp outing, possibly to target some Northern pike as well. As the weather didn't look great, I feared they might get bored real fast if the fishing was slow, as I had a 4, 8 and 10 year old coming along on the outing.

I offered them an alternative of going to fish a stocked trout pond I had read about online, they seemed much more enthusiastic about that idea, especially as we'd get to keep and eat some fresh trout. They charge per inch, so the bigger the trout, the more you pay.

We headed over to the place about 1/2 hour away. Though their big pond was closed, they had a smaller one still open, which made the fishing ridiculously easy. I brought along one rod and tied on a small Rapala CD-5.

First cast, my 10 year old land a 17 inch rainbow trout ($14).
Next cast, my 4 year old lands a 12 inch rainbow trout ($7.50).
Next cast, my 8 year old looses a 12 inch rainbow trout .
He tries again and lands a 15 inch brown trout ($10.50).
Gave my 4 year old one more chance, he capitalized by landing a 15 inch rainbow trout ($10.50).
4 fish in about 5 minutes, most bigger than many people will catch in the trout streams around Montreal, cost me $42.50

They eviscerated the fish and bagged them for us, we came home and I filleted and cooked up the 3 rainbow trout, I froze the brown trout for another day. Tough to beat fresh caught trout for shore lunch (though I cooked them at home).

The fishing didn't require any skill whatsoever, but at least the kids had a blast, I'll probably return with them next season when the bigger pond is open and the weather is nicer.


Robert said...

What the name of the trout place and where is it?

Robert said...

Where did u catch them. I want to take my kids aswell

Freshwater Phil said...

Place is called Les Etangs Garand, it's in Mont St Gregoire about 1/2 hour East of Montreal.

The web site is:

Anonymous said...

hi there, do u know the name of
website of the trout farm u took
ur kids to? Im looking forward to
go there, i just some info about tthe place

Freshwater Phil said...

Anonymous said...

hi there i was wondering if
the guys over at Les Etangs Garand speak english


Freshwater Phil said...

Not sure. I always speak to them in French. I guess you can call and find out...

Anonymous said...

ok thanks do u know any trout farms near ottawa if do i would highly appreciate it thanks

Freshwater Phil said...

Don't know any near Ottawa.